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Calixte Jean- Pierre

Vice President

At age fourteen, Calixte emigrated to the United States from his Haitian birthplace, attending Erasmus Hall and then Boys High School before going on to be graduated from Kingsborough Community College with an Associate in Applied Science. In 1976, he completed his undergraduate studies at Medgar Evers College and received a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Transportation.

He began working as a supervisor for the Consolidated Railroad Corporation in 1978 then transferred to the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s Metro North line from which he recently retired. Retirement is simply an opportunity for Calixte Jean-Pierre to spend more time serving others. During his railroad career, Calixte joined the Secular Franciscan Order; their main tasks are to serve others, especially the less fortunate people in society.

He has continued to devote himself to many hours of selfless work in Newark, New Jersey’s St. Ann’s Soul Kitchen since 2003. “When Aunt Estelle asked me to join the 2006 FCLH Medical Team”, I just said, “yes” without knowing how much I would be able to accomplish. On my first trip to Haiti, I was trained by Dr. Butler Jean-Louis and by my cousin, Danielle Deshommes and went on to encounter a life-changing experience.

After that first trip, I felt obligated to become part of FCLH. Now I have become a member of the organization. I feel very proud to be part of Friends of the Children of Lascahobas, Haiti. This year has been my fifth trip to Lascahobas with the medical team. In fact, Gary Dubuisson, the Vice-President, and I had to go early in order to prepare for the medical team’s arrival. I believe I will be in Lascahobas every year with the medical team. It is very rewarding